I went to a Nickelback concert. Willingly.

A lot has changed since my last blog post written way back in September. I celebrated my one year work anniversary (a real feat if you understand just how common a notion it was to pick up and move jobs and/or cities), I turned 27, I found the love of my life, and I went to my fist Nickelback concert.

The juxtaposition of this post with my last is actually a bit funny. That post was dedicated to discovering new songs to grow your travel playlist. Packed with songs from bands like Alt-J, Beck and Broken Bells, it was essentially an indie mix for the ages.

While I still enjoy every song on that playlist, and love every band included, a lot has changed and continues to change since publishing. Most glaringly, my priorities.

Back in September, a mere 5 months ago, I was a single girl living in the big city. While I’m still mostly the same person (sans being single), truth be told a lot has changed though my willingness to try new things has not. I wasn’t always willing to let myself go in a relationship, to trust, to be myself, and be vulnerable. But I allowed myself to try it, and I’m eternally grateful that I did.

So yeah, I willingly went to a Nickelback concert. I also took on my first freelance opportunity, booked a trip to the Grand Canyon, planned a road trip to New Orleans and back, and found the man of my dreams. Because the moment you allow yourself to stop trying new things, or letting new people in, perhaps you do stop living.


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