You asked for it

A lot of bizarre questions have led web surfers to this site. I was quite surprised to learn that several people were interested in finding more information about where to urinate at Machu Picchu (Answer? No idea). While looking through search terms, it occurred to me that you’re asking questions about the same topics. In an effort to put some burning travel questions into a handy list, here is part one of the series we have coined You asked for it. 

Search term: Looking fashionable while backpacking Southeast Asia

Assuming a woman searched for this answer, I can relate to your desire to feel fashionable no matter the destination; I overpacked to trek in a remote Thai village with no electricity. If you plan to backpack SE Asia, or anywhere else for that matter, it’s important to remember that less is better. Upon returning from my time backpacking, I wrote a post about what to pack, but I didn’t make much mention about how to keep your fashion sense.

I recommend starting off your trip with as little as you can stand. Bring a pair of shorts, some tees, tanks, and a dress. Upon arrival, you will pick up on the fashion immediately. I started my journey in Bangkok and was able to buy very affordable pieces that I wore through the duration of my travels. There are dozens and dozens of vendors that you can haggle with. Pick up graphic tanks and tees, lightweight skirts and dresses, and new sandals. You’ll go home with a brand new wardrobe.

Search term: Are tennis shoes necessary for backpacking SE Asia?

That depends. Do you plan to hike? Trek? Yes, tennis shoes are an absolute must. During the above mentioned remote trek, a young woman had only Crocs to protect her precious feet while climbing through the not-so-forgiving jungle. Needless to say, the situation was not ideal, thus affecting her vacation’s outcome. Do you plan to spend your time on white sand beaches with a drink in hand? No, tennis shoes are not a necessity.

Search term: Send future postcard Shanghai

One of my favorite travel memories comes from Shanghai, when Alix and I unexpectedly stumbled upon “Postcard Coffee” in Qi Bao. The cafe, with delicious coffee to boot, will send a postcard you write to your future self. You can choose to have it sent in one year or ten, it’s up to you. I recently received my postcard in the mail, a pleasant surprise indeed.

Search term: Did you have fun on EF College Break going by yourself?

Simply put, yes. I knew no one going on the European Panorama trip when I booked. However, I did know I had the urge to travel without putting too much effort into planning, so EFCB was my best option. I embarked on the trip with an open mind and met one of my best friends who I still keep in touch with, three years later.


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