Quick list: Travel musts

So you’re going on a trip. Whether traveling domestically or abroad, near or far, there are a few things we advise you bring along.


I can barely make it through a 20 minute commute without my iPod. Perhaps it’s the generation we live in or the fact that it makes the trek downtown seem shorter, your day is off to a good start with your favorite song playing. A good mix tape is essential for traveling. We recommend any of the tunes or bands on this playlist.


What’s a roadtrip without a good read? If you’re driving with a mate, there’s nothing like kicking back, feet on the dashboard and a good book in hand. If you’re flying, I doubt you’d board without something to keep you entertained. Who are some of our favorite authors?

Bill Bryson
We recommend “I’m A Stranger Here Myself” or “In A Sunburned Country

David Sedaris
We recommend “Me Talk Pretty One Day” or “Naked

David Foster Wallace
We recommend “Consider the Lobster” or “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men


Have a smart phone? Not only will you be able to access both music and books from it (how convenient) but you also have an infinite number of apps at your fingertips. Try any of these.

What’s the saying?

We want to know. How do you keep yourself from boredom during long trips?


2 thoughts on “Quick list: Travel musts

  1. Honestly, I just sleep. I’m a sleeper and I can’t read books while in transit because that usually translates to a headache. But great suggestions – I’m downloading the “What’s the saying” right this moment.

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