A night in Asheville, NC

Asheville is beautiful in the daylight, but when the sun takes its nap, Asheville is suddenly animated by its bright city lights. Street musicians parade the streets of downtown, live music fills the atmosphere of warehouses, dramas, comedies – the thriving nocturnal life of Asheville is in the spotlight.

I consider myself an adventurer, a lover of nature and an artist. Anyone else who considers themselves as such must discover this vibrant little city in North Carolina. There’s so much to do; visit the great outdoors, hunt for waterfalls, stay at a historic bed and breakfast in Asheville, like the Cedar Crest Inn, Abbington Green B&B Inn or Beaufort House Inn.

Good Food, Good Coversation @ the Tupelo Honey Café

If it’s your first time in Asheville, you must follow this tradition – eat at least one meal at the Tupelo Honey Café. Before its prominence due to TV-aired food reviews, the Tupelo Honey Café was already the ultimate eat-place in Asheville. A backhanded compliment if you will, it takes a bit long to be seated. Hence, pack a lot of conversation. The wait is part of the experience anyway. The food is great. I liked the biscuits that they served right after you’re seated. They had a blueberry compote and it was a good nibble while waiting to be served my course. I ordered the chicken marsala; it was different, not really authentic, but much better. I greatly enjoyed my meal at the Tupelo Honey Café! Craving breakfast? Yeah, they serve breakfast at dinner too. Pretty cool if you have kids with you.

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Dancing In The Moonlight @ The Drum Circle

When planning a vacation in Asheville, make sure you include a Friday night. Why? You definitely can’t miss the Drum Circle Festival. It’s held every Friday night at the Pritchard Park on Paton Avenue, College Street. At around 5 or 6 pm you will start to see a couple of drummers jamming, but it’s best to come at around 7 or 7:30  because by then the small gathering has evolved into a huge crowd playing and dancing. For an outlandishly great night of fun, you must dance to the drums. Grab a partner, heck grab a stranger, and channel that inner caveman (or cavewoman) in you. The Drum Circle was started in 2001, and ever since it has been bringing the beat in Asheville.

Drum Circle

Be Serenaded @ Downtown Asheville by Street Musicians

Take a walk downtown and stop to see a couple of street musicians sing and play their hearts out. I love this about Asheville. It has a sort of Bohemian-Parisian-viva la freedom feel. What? I didn’t understand myself either, but you get it right? The free spirit of these artists is contagious and I suddenly felt like being a poet. Asheville is romantic at night, so how about that walk?

Downtown Asheville

Good Music, Great Booze @ Lexington Avenue Brewery

For four years in a row now, Asheville has been declared the Beer City of USA. At Lexington Avenue Brewery of LAB, you get to experience the authentic beer drinking experience complete with live music. If you’re a Hunger Games fan, you might want to know that the stars went to hang out here. So on your visit you can tell yourself, “Jennifer Lawrence and I went to the same bar!”  Fan or not, there’s good times to be found at the LAB and good booze too. I was going back and forth to the LAB supporting a couple of indie bands, ‘cause it’s been a long time since I went to good concerts. A word of caution: don’t get too drunk, sleeping in the streets isn’t comfy, it might not even be legal. Drink moderately.

Lexington Avenue Brewery

R&R @ Grove Park Inn Spa

After that long day touring Asheville, you probably need some R&R. The businessmen of Asheville thought so, that’s why they’ve set up some of the best spas scattered around the city. My personal favourite is the Grove Park Inn Spa. I have only just learned that they spent over $50 million on their spa facilities and that it was one of the ‘Top 20 Resort Spas’ in the US’. Now I’m certainly going back. I had the ‘Grove Park Classic Massage’. Even before the massage, I was already feeling the ease. I love the rocky design of the spa as it felt organic. I wanted to be awake throughout the entire massage, but I was in zzzzs after a couple of minutes.

Grove Park Inn Spa

I hear that the fall colors of Asheville are absolutely breathtaking. That’s why I’m planning a visit in the fall. I will probably scuff up my mountain bike a bit, get some good writing done and enjoy a little R&R at a different bed and breakfast in Asheville. There are couple of new touring quirks in Asheville like the electric bike tour of Downtown and ghost city bus tours that I am yet to try. Hope to see you there!

Pam Sallegue is a the editor-in-chief of The Optimist Creed. She loves to blog about everything she has experienced. Travelling means a lot to her. Being independent from the time she entered college is one of her strengths. She is also good at music and painting; she is the pianist and head of the multimedia team in her local church. She dreams to travel the world.


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