Trip review part one: EF College Break

The group of young travelers you are about to meet come from different parts of the country. They have varying hobbies, interests, and passions. But they do have one thing in common. They all love EF College Break.

Like most who travel with EFCB, these people will never forget their one-of-a-kind experiences. Here are a few of their stories.

Kara H.

Touring with EFCB was, and will remain, one of my most memorable experiences. No matter the tour you choose or the countries you explore, traveling with this company will provide you an opportunity to meet instant, lifelong friends. My best friend and I immediately recognized fellow EF-ers before boarding the plane and arriving in Dublin. Yes, it was a little strange being simultaneously introduced to fifty strangers knowing we were going to tour through a continent together. But barriers were quickly shed and friendships quickly formed. Although we only knew one another for a short time, some of these people will stay in my life forever.

EF College Break is perfect for first time travelers such as myself. Having a go-to tour director was an essential part of our experience. Our guide was there to walk us around each city, the bustling and intimate parts, to show us how to get around efficiently, and provide suggestions on things to do in our free time. One of the best parts of traveling with EFCB is having that resource. We weren’t forced to do group activities. Instead, we were introduced to an incredible group of people to explore and be adventurous with at our leisure. Another perk of traveling with EFCB? The hardest parts of travel are already taken care of. Our hotels and flights were booked, our transportation between cities were planned, and our routes were mapped.

I would recommend EFCB to those new to the company, their tours, and what is offered. Simply put, it’s a convenient way to travel and make new friends who love to travel as well.

Mary K.

In high school world history class I was sparked with the desire to travel. I felt a need to see the places I was studying. I found within me a curiosity for unfamiliar sights and unknown cultures. Eventually, at the ripe old age of twenty-one, I decided that it was now or never; if I wanted to see the world I needed to start somewhere. All of my initial fears were subsided once I searched the net and found other solo traveler’s accounts of touring with EFCB. Their Facebook page was a helpful tool to connect me with numerous young travelers who had previously toured with them. Those who wrote about going solo seemed to have loved their trip. EFCB even set up a group for those on my tour allowing us to communicate beforehand to share in our excitement, swap advice, and become a little less unfamiliar with each other.

My twenty-five day whirlwind throughout Europe taught me a little bit about the world around me and a lot about myself. I learned that I shouldn’t have been afraid to sign up for the tour alone. I was able to see the attractions that were on my to-do list instead of accommodating another person’s tastes. I never found myself lonely during the tour because I was always on the go. I could find people who were interested in the same activities as me. My experience helped me to gain independence and become a more outgoing person.

It’s often said that we should “never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game,” and truer words have never been spoken. Traveling solo should not be seen as frightening, but rather, an opportunity to create your own adventure.

Andrea R.

Two years ago, my life was changed by making a single decision. I decided to finally start doing all of the things I always said I would. Where to begin? Seeing the world and experiencing new cultures was always on my bucket list, but I thought of it as an act reserved for the wealthy or the incredibly brave young person. I got on Google and searched “college group travel to Europe.” The first result: EF College Break. I didn’t know it then, but this company would change my life forever.

After doing some research and learning about the convenient monthly payment plans, I signed up. Nine months later I embarked on my first real travel experience throughout London, Paris, and Rome for twelve days. Within minutes of arriving in London, I realized that the city was not going to let me down. Whether it was walking through Piccadilly Circus at night, seeing a show in the West End, or riding on a double decker bus, there was a new adventure around every corner.

Upon returning home I was shocked that everything began to feel foreign to me. I looked at most things differently. More than that, I was a different person because of traveling. I had become more outgoing, more curious, and more willing to try new things, simply due to a twelve day journey I embarked on with complete strangers. Every time I tell someone of my adventures in Europe whether it be seeing the Queen drive by in London, trying escargot in Paris, or getting lost in Rome, I feel an instant desire to go back. I have most definitely caught the travel bug and I don’t ever plan on losing it.

Johnny A.

During the summer of 2011, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to go deep into the jungles and have crazy adventures. As luck would have it, a couple of my friends wanted to go to Costa Rica. Our EF College Break tour was only ten days long, but in that time we had countless adventures and in the end, it made for an amazing experience. What made our trip even more amazing was the fact that we had such a great tour director, Gustavo. He was extremely knowledgeable about the local rainforest and all the cities we visited. He took us around to meet the locals and gave us recommendations on restaurants the locals dined at.

I was doing and seeing so many things I would have never thought possible, like discovering an active volcano in Arenal then kayaking in the lake nearby. The following day, we went on a long hike to a waterfall and spent some time relaxing in the cool springs. My favorite activity was zip-lining. We hiked through the forest and zip-lined from treetop to treetop, watching the jungle fly all around us.

Every city that we went to in Costa Rica was unique in its own way, each offering something different than the next. This trip had it all, from going on crocodile tours, to white river rafting, zip-lining, walking through a rainforest, and kayaking. To put it simply, it was a trip full of adventure with good food and fun night life. I’ll always remember the great times that I had in Costa Rica and I can’t wait to return.

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