Quick list: Discover Florence

If you’ve followed this site since its inception, you know Florence has been mentioned a time (or a few hundred before). What can I say, I’m in love with the place. Visiting Firenze soon? Check out this quick list of things you must see and do.


5) Santa Maria Novella
4) San Miniato
3) Santa Croce
2) San Lorenzo
1) Santa Maria del Fiore

The Florence cathedral, known widely as the Duomo. If you visit one church, this is it. Climb the dome or the bell tower, admire the frescoes and golden plated baptistry doors.


5) Museum of San Marco
4) Museum of Art, Science and History
3) Galleria dell’ Accademia
2) National Musem Il Bargello
1) Uffizi Gallery

If you make one stop for art in Florence, make it the Uffizi. Works from DaVinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli including The Birth of Venus.


5) Palazzo Pitti
4) Palazzo Medici
3) Palazzo de Michelangelo
2) Palazzo della Repubblica
1) Palazzo della Signoria

This “plaza” features one of the two replica David statues as well as a number of other sculptures on display to you for free, including the Fountain of Neptune, which is much larger than you imagine.


5) Giambologna’s Rape of the Sabine Women
4) Donatello’s David
3) Michelangelo’s Bacchus
2) Michelangelo’s David
1) Orsanmichelle

We know, David isn’t number one? Although it is breathtaking and you must see it, the oustide of the Orsanmichele showcases sculptures from the likes of Donatello, for free!

Top 5 musts (in no particular order)

5) Walk along the Ponte Vecchio
4) Watch the suneset at any palazzo
3) Climb the Bell Tower
2) See Michelangelo’s David
1) Visit the Boboli Gardens

Not mentioned yet, the Boboli Gardens were once the play place of the elite in Firenze. Reserve a lot of time, it’s huge.


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