Using travel as a resume builder

Tell me about yourself. Nine times out of ten, this is how an interview begins. Most times, young graduates will rattle off a pre-rehearsed elevator speech, naming accomplishments, awards won, and courses taken. But is that really what you’re all about? As a traveler, you have more than likely become an incredible storyteller. Let’s take all that you’ve experienced abroad and turn it into resume and interview material, making you the best candidate for the job.

You’re highly adaptable

This hostel is already booked. The train route is temporarily detoured. My flight is grounded for the night. You’ve experienced these minor setbacks and much more during your travels. In fact, they have probably become a near daily occurrence. As a seasoned traveler, you know how to roll with the punches. If the train is derailed, you learn to build new tracks. Are you a fast learner? Are you comfortable and do you thrive in new and unfamiliar situations? Talk about that! In a new job, these skill sets will be incredibly useful.

Write about all that you’ve done

My number one rule for going into an interview? Always leave the interviewer with something to remember you by. Whether that is a portfolio or a headshot is up to you. I have worked hard to create a work portfolio that incorporates specific work projects from previous positions as well as writing samples from this website and other stories that have been published around the web. It is important to have something tangible to bring with you during an interview. When writing for travel blogs, you can provide advice and anecdotes from your various travels and even better, you have another bullet point on your resume.

Diversify your resume

Let’s face it, resumes are hard to write and more often than not, they’re boring to read. Think about how studying, traveling, or living abroad will set you apart from other candidates. Employers will take notice of this experience and probably ask you about it. Be prepared to speak about what you learned and how you will incorporate that into being successful within the position!


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