Until next time, Boston

Boston. Simply put, a tremendous city with exciting nightlife, incredible history, and really good clam chowder. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit Bean Town yet but were perhaps considering it, I hope this will be reason enough to start planning.

Harvard Square

The first time I visited Boston, it was for work. Granted, work involved judging costume contests and buying 30 pounds of fish, but it was work nonetheless. Though we were there for an event, this event happened to begin and end in this remarkable square in Cambridge. Walking around, I observed the beautiful, intricate buildings. Even Starbucks felt a bit fancier. I greatly enjoyed the time I spent there and would return day and day again for no reason other than to people watch.

@blpate suggested: Gotta go into Cambridge and see Harvard Square. Eat at @TastyBurgerUSA & see The Glass Menagerie @americanrep

Freedom Trail

Do you know much about the Boston Massacre? Aside from a few paragraphs read on the subject years ago, my knowledge on this event was limited. Walking on the Freedom Trail, I had the opportunity to go inside and explore the Old State House, a historic building where the Declaration of Independence was read to Bostonians off of a balcony for the first time in 1776. Just outside the building, tensions were high and violence erupted, an event which is now known as the Boston Massacre, stirring revolution.

You can begin your tour of the Freedom Trail along various points. Once you find the red brick road, follow it and you’ll visit Paul Revere’s home, the Massachusetts State House, and so much more.

@morgan_e_murphy suggested: People watch in The Common, check out a show at @improvasylum, and grab a slice (or 5) at Pizzeria Regina

Faneuil Hall

Along the Freedom Trail you will find Faneuil Hall, a building which has come to be known as the Cradle of Liberty. Just steps from the hall is Faneuil Marketplace, where you will find endless shopping and dining possibilities. This is a must-stop in Boston. After wandering around Faneuil Hall, we stumbled upon the Green Dragon Tavern, a quaint establishment with a rich history of its own. “The Green Dragon Tavern played an important part in the freedom of Boston during the War of Independence. Established in 1654 The Green Dragon was a favorite haunt of Paul Revere (whom we consider a close Neighbor) and John Hancock (whose brother lived next door). Indeed, it is said that it was in the Green Dragon that the plans for the invasion of Lexington and Concorde were overheard thus starting the famous ride of Paul Revere.” Stop by for delicious food, good drinks, and live music.

@aschaff118 suggested: My fav thing to do in Boston is go to Landsdowne Pub 🍻

We want to know! What’s your favorite thing to do or place to eat in Boston?


3 thoughts on “Until next time, Boston

  1. If you’re visiting Boston during the warmer months, I highly suggest taking a trip out to the Islands. As a deckhand on one of the passenger vessels on Boston harbor, I know there are always great deals and opportunities (even between $5-$10 per person) to go up to the top of the Boston harbor lighthouse and see the city from a sailors perspective. You can also take ferries to the other islands where there are recreation activities, camping, hiking, biking, and even more clam chowder!

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