Thank you, again!

It’s hard to believe I’ve been back in the states for a little over a year now. Knowing that my travels would become more infrequent, I wanted to start a website to remember everything that I had experienced but also provide advice for other travelers who might find themselves in similar destinations and situations. About a month after I started riseandroam, I received an online award from a fellow blogger, which in some ways validated this online experiment. Since that time, I have continued to write and share photos from all of the incredible, sometimes wacky, adventures I’ve encountered. And with delight, I have received a few more online recognitions from fellow bloggers and writers, brave enough to share their own stories with the world.

Since the rules for each nomination are much the same, I’ve combined them into one post with appreciation for those who have considered me. So, thank you to Experiencing My Own Life, Have Life Will Travel, and Get Set & Go!

These virtual accolades include the “One Lovely Blog” award and two “Very Inspiring Blog” awards. For each, you are to list seven things about yourself and nominate other lovely and inspiring blogs. So in a condensed fashion…

  • The last time I wrote a thank-you post, I was in the process of moving to Chicago to begin work as an Event Coordinator. I have since completed that internship, traveled through Colombia, and returned home to pursue a career I’m passionate about.
  • My mother recently asked about my bucket list. I can’t say I’ve ever created one, but if I did traveling through Germany would certainly top the list.
  • As my passion for writing continues to grow, so does my passion for photography. My favorite camera is the Lomography fisheye camera, purchased on a whim in South Korea.
  • One of my favorite travel experiences came about while traveling to Islas del Rosario in Colombia. My travel mate  and I didn’t speak Spanish that well, and so in a roundabout turn of events ended up snorkeling, quite against our will and the will of our wallets. Although we were confused at the time, the experience was unforgettable.
  • Boston is probably my favorite city in America.
  • I hope to travel to the Grand Canyon this summer. Or Yellowstone.
  • I find the best advice comes from Calvin and Hobbes.

And now, the nominations.

The Sole Search
Adventures of Andrea
Her Daily Digest
Wandering Genie
Miss Adventure
What Is Real Is Always Worth It
Hiking Northwest
Singing Sparrows
On The Road
Stumble Down Under

As always, thank you to everyone who has continued to follow along.


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