Discovering Koh Phangan

While traveling through Cambodia, I was robbed. My cameras and hundreds of photos and memories were suddenly gone. At that point I had been away from home for well over a year. I was ready to leave. After talking to my travel mate and voice of reason, I decided it wasn’t quite time to go home. Before that, Liana and I had plans to travel to southern Thailand, island hopping every few days. Then our plans changed.

We wanted to escape the get-up-and-go mentality we had maintained while backpacking. We wanted to really become acquainted with one island in particular. We decided that island was going to be Koh Phangan, perhaps best known for its full moon party. Upon arrival, we were taken to a bike shop, where we rented our transportation for the next two weeks. With difficulty, we rode these bikes everywhere. To our hotel, to the grocery store, to the beach, to the next destination. While Koh Phangan is not flat by any stretch of the imagination, we enjoyed the challenge and got to know the island more intimately than any previous destination. With help from a few trucks along the way, we covered a fair amount of land. Here are the photos of our journey.


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