Okpo Land

Some time ago, I wrote a guest post for GoAbroad.com about discovering new things abroad. I mostly wrote about my interesting experience exploring an abandoned amusement park, Okpo Land, on the island of Geoje in South Korea. Since then, I have received a few requests to see more photos from the experience. Here they are.



7 thoughts on “Okpo Land

    1. Well thank you! The park closed due to a few deaths. The last death which caused the closing, allegedly, was on the duck ride pictured above. The owner left and the park was abandoned after, so everything remains as it was. No plans to open it back up, though I’m not sure what will be done there, if anything. Quite easy to find from the town, quite easy to sneak into.

    2. See the hanging roller coaster cart? That happened while a little girl was inside in 1999, and she fell to her death. (Another little girl had died on that same roller coaster in 1997.) That same night, the amusement park owner skipped town, and the park never reopened. Everything was left as-is. It was finally torn down in 2010.

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