Student? Travel bug? Simple.

Nowadays, the opportunities for students to travel abroad are endless. Without doubt, traveling while attending university is easier, more affordable, and more realistic than ever before; wherever you dream of going, you can go. Here’s how.

Study Abroad

Whether you go for a summer or a semester, the experience will be life changing. I’ve never had a conversation with someone that studied abroad in which they weren’t completely satisfied with the time they spent as a foreign student. If you’re interested, speak with advisors at your school’s study abroad office. They will offer you valuable advice and information about available programs in various cities throughout the world. They will take into account what you’re passionate about, as well as your class schedule and diploma requirements. If you would like to study abroad with an outside company, a quick online search will bring you to plenty of accredited businesses that will offer you such an option.

Volunteer Abroad

As students, our checking accounts are usually stretched thin (while our savings accounts are non-existent.) However, if you are willing to take on a few extra shifts at your job throughout the school year, you can save enough money to volunteer abroad, if you so desire. As mentioned before, there are countless dependable companies that will offer you opportunities to volunteer abroad in a field that interests you and applies to your major, whether it’s teaching English, rescuing wildlife, or working on an organic farm. The time you spend volunteering can vary, from one week to the entire summer. Do your research and find a program that intrigues you but offers you some bang for your buck. While you probably won’t get your flight paid for, you may find a volunteer position that pays for room and board.

Tour Abroad

If you’re a student looking for a travel experience that’s unique, consider taking a tour. There are a few businesses with credible history that will offer you tours throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, the Americas, and Africa. After graduating in 2010, I decided to embark on the European Panorama tour with EF College Break. While I didn’t quite know what to expect beforehand, I was remarkably pleased with the entire experience. From having the opportunity to discover 9 different countries and 12 cities, the privilege to meet new best friends, and the knowledge of a handsome tour guide, the trip was unforgettable. I felt safe, I was never bored, and best of all, I actually learned quite a bit along the way.


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