Face it. Goodbyes suck.

No matter where you call home, it seems that life moves in similar cycles. You meet new people and become best friends, only to say goodbye after what seems an impossibly short amount of time together.

We know that the end, at least this end, is here.  Tears are being shed, goodbyes are being said, and we are preparing to step into the vaguely comfortable unknown once again.

To travelers, this is a  feeling we become accustomed to, though it never gets easier. It’s hard to acknowledge, and accept, the fact that we will never be in this situation again. Friendships will be altered, addresses will change, and conversations will become scarce.

Embrace the changes and the challenges they bring, but more importantly welcome them. Trust in the fact that whatever situation you are in presently will benefit your future in one way or another. Take what you have learned and apply that to wherever you may find yourself next. And know that the people you have met will you help along the way.


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