Colombia and I don’t care

As a twenty-four year old woman, I often get backlash when I tell friends and family what my future plans are. Never quite content with sitting still, the remarks I got when revealing my current adventure were some of the harshest yet. “I’m going to Colombia,” was met with, “What?” “Why?” and, “No, you’re not.” Let me try to put some minds to ease.

Because I am going to Colombia and I couldn’t be more excited. Perhaps Lonely Planet says it better than I ever will:

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about Colombia – especially when the people telling you have never been here. For decades demonized, today Colombia is a safe, affordable, accessible and utterly thrilling destination.

Of course I can’t give recommendations, suggestions, or advice about Colombia quite yet, but I can assure everyone reading that this culture isn’t quite the way most imagine it to be. Sure, every country has problems, and no destination is absolutely safe. With common sense and caution, every traveler can go to and from most countries without threat of danger.

While I understand your concerns, and I promise not to be reckless, I can’t help but count down until the day I depart, only to return with yet another country I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with.


12 thoughts on “Colombia and I don’t care

  1. Let me tell you that you are COMPLETELY AWESOME! Carpe Diem! I wish I had done that when I was 24. Instead I wasted my 20’s inside a library. PLEASE let us know how you do … and keep not caring. Cheers

    1. Thank you so much for the encouraging words! I’ll definitely update everyone once I return in late June. And no worries, I’ll continue to be just as careless when it comes to travel and seeing the world.I usually exchange a bit of money at the currency exchange at O’Hare, then use ATM’s the rest of the time in whatever country I’m in. My bank has an awesome exchange rate and I get charged pennies for using foreign ATM’s, so I find that’s my best bet! Thanks again!

      1. Yeah, people keep telling me to use the ATMs but I always get killed on the rate given that the rates change hour by hour. I did find a new way to do it though. there’s a website that allows you to put some money into a an account and when the exchange rate is what you want then it exchanges allowing you to get the best rate possible. I think that’s cool especially for those who travel regularly. at any rate, best wishes. Cheers

  2. Good for you! I hate it when people say stuff like that. My Dad always gives some excuse about traveling in Europe for his sabbaticals like how the dollar is weak right now. So what?? You’re going to wait for something like that??

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