Quick list: Get lost in Hong Kong

It’s hard to pick a favorite travel destination, but if I had to, Hong Kong would certainly be at the top of the list. While living in South Korea, some friends and I had the opportunity to visit HK during Lunar New Year. We all had an incredible time and made memories we’ll cherish forever. If you ever find yourself there, here are some suggestions of where to go and what to see.

1) Take the ferry to Lamma Island

Who knew that Hong Kong would be so green. If you find the city lights to be a bit overwhelming, take the ferry to Lamma Island and hike if you feel up to it. Visiting in February, we were all surprised to be greeted by 70 degree weather, so maybe you can even take a swim. There’s no cars on the island, so everywhere you go will be by foot. A nice getaway from the mainland.

2) Argyle Street

We stayed on this street, located near the Ladies Market, and I couldn’t have been happier with the decision. The street was crowded every night with vendors selling various trinkets and the always popular mountain of socks. It was the perfect amount of chaos. The location of our hostel was ideal, though I could have done without the smell of stinky tofu that let us know we were getting close to it.

3) Avenue of the Stars

A bit touristy, yes, but still worth the trip. Think of it as Asia’s walk of fame. We found a great Bruce Lee statue that made for some hilarious photos, and the view of the skyline was breathtaking. There’s also a light show that takes place there every night, which is pretty awesome in itself, but I think we were all a little unimpressed by the 1980 synth-music that accompanied.

4) The Peak

Perhaps the only view of the skyline that could beat the one previously mentioned is at the Peak. The bus ride up is a little scary, but well worth it once you see the lights from above. We were lucky enough to witness it during the fireworks celebration, but even without, the view is like no other.


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