Your travel playlist, part two

Magic Men – Paris We’ll go ahead and start this continued list with a cliche… A song named after a famous city. Regardless, Magic Men is an up-and-coming band with a likeness for songs named after locations; give Texas a listen as well. This catchy pop hit is ideal for an upcoming European adventure, or […]

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Forget About It

I’m not sure when it happened, but suddenly “list-publishing” websites have become the norm. In fact, it might be argued that they have become the sought-after source for news updates and articles concerning “How You Know You’re From a Town of 32,000 People or Less,” which I thought you would have been able to figure […]

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On finding yourself

I remember one of the first times I felt like I found something I loved doing. I was a high school sophomore in one of my favorite classes, The Basics of Web Design. When I look back on it now, it’s comical to think of the page I was creating. Overpopulated and messy as it was, I remember how […]

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